Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 1 - I'm soooo ready

It always seems like an impossible task starting out. In fact the planning is actually the easy bit, it's the doing that's the challenge! 

Change can be scary, but it's not usually as difficult as most people think. Because we have quite a bit of resistance to the idea of change, we deliberately frighten ourselves about it so we have an excuse to stay where we are.

Know where you want to get to, but focus on one day at a time. Setting smaller goals and daily tasks is key.

Moving a rock

So, what do I want to achieve from all this? It's important to know what you really want and set your goals so you know when you have arrived.

Writing down what you want in positive terms. Here goes...

What I want:
1. I WILL lose 6-8 inches from my body.
2. I WILL lose 6lbs on the scales.
(Although the overall look will be more important as I will be weight training and trying to increase my lean muscle mass, therefore scales won't be a great method of tracking results, my clothes will!)
3. I WILL fit into my jeans comfortably and not have to undo the top button when I sit down!
4. I WILL cut out/reduce chocolate and biscuits.
5. I WILL do a ten minute high intensity workout on 5-6 days each week.
6. I WILL do weight training workouts on 5-6 days each week.
7. I WILL drink 2.7 litres of water each day (I'm currently 135lbs so 1 litre for every 50lbs bodyweight = 2.7 litres).
8. I WILL be kind to myself and maintain a positive can-do attitude.
9. I WILL post on this blog my progress and meal photos.

Waist 29.5 - goal 28
Umbillicus 34 - goal 32
Hips 38.25 - goal 37.25
Thigh L 22.5 - goal 21.5
Thigh R 23 - goal 21.5
Arm L 11.5 - goal 11
Arm R 11.5 - goal 11

Total = 8 inches

Weight 9st 9 - goal 9st 3 = 6lbs

Before photos

Eek! Easily the hardest bit to do but the most powerful. Now I know you may think I'm ok as I am, but everyone has personal goals, even athletes and body builders, neither of which I am. ;) But I am ashamed of being a trainer and not being lean, but enough is ENOUGH! I know the next set of photos WILL be better.

Dream body photo

A huge contrast to my pasty white flabby self! But, I admire this lady who is fitness model Andrea Brazier from Brazil. Set your sights high and dream big!


3 meals low carb today. No sugary or starchy food. I will post up pics as and when I eat and take them. 2.7 litres water and herbal teas.

1. Vegetable omelette and salad - 3 eggs with broccoli, green beans, yellow pepper, red onion and spinach.

By midday: 1 litre water and a licorice tea

Tuna and avocado salad with oregano tomatoes


Buffalo mince burger, brocolli and cauliflower mash and oregano tomatoes

Hit 2.7 litres of water target by the end of the day :)


3x fish oils with each meal
1x zinc
1x vitamin D
Tablespoon greens powder in water


Workout 1: 10 minute high intensity interval workout
Shoulder weights, burpee variations and core

Workout 2: weights 
Shoulders, hamstrings and lats (sides of back)

How do I feel?
  • Positive and excited.
  • Slight headache, but that could be the fact I have been desk bound this morning at my mac! Going out soon.
  • More frequent trips to the loo. Just a sign my body has already started getting rid of what it doesn't need. All good :)

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  1. Go go Emma! You can do it! I've been on a similar journey (just not recording online) since the 1. May and as it stands today I've lost 3% body fat overall and maintained the muscle mass. We are not perfect but we can improve and motivate others to follow in our footsteps! :o) I admire you for going so public with it!